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Welcome to Lancaster Greenhouse & Nursery

Greenhouse News

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    Signature Creations

    BLOOMING PIECES OF ART… Let our talented design staff create several living masterpieces for you to enjoy all season! We have a wide variety of one-of-a-kind combination plantings just waiting for you to take home and enjoy. Already have some really nice pots, baskets or containers? Bring them in, we’ll fill them anyway you like.

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    Tree Installations

    LET US DO IT FOR YOU… Who are we kidding? Planting trees is hard work. Go ahead, sit back and let the experts handle it for you! We are all over town planting trees so take advantage of this service. Besides, we’re less expensive than a trip to the doctor! Shade trees, ornamental trees, and evergreen trees…we plant them all!

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    WE’LL BRING IT TO YOU… No truck…no problem! We offer a fast and friendly delivery service for everything we sell. When you start your next outdoor project, call us at (740) 653-2760 to schedule your delivery of mulch, soil amendment or plants. Local delivery (less then 10 miles) is only $30.

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    Plant Health

    Something bugging you... Despite our best efforts, Mother Nature is known to give us some challenges when it comes to growing plants. If you ever have any plant growing or health questions, feel free to bring us photos or samples to look at—(for disease or insect problems, please place samples in a Ziploc baggie). Most plant health problems can be corrected when caught early!