Installation Tips

Installation Tips for Trees, Shrubs and Perennials


  • Dig your planting hole 2x’s the width of the root ball and slightly less deep than the depth of the roots (it is recommended that all new plantings are slightly above the surrounding soil).
  • Gently remove plant from container by tipping on side and sliding out.
  • After removing plant, use a sharp knife to lightly disturb the roots–This can be done by cutting 3-4 times approximately 1” deep down the side of the roots and 2 more times (as if you are cutting an “X”) on the bottom of the roots. This root pruning is an excellent way to encourage new root growth.
  • Place plant in center of hole then backfill using a 50/50 mixture of existing soil and organic soil amendment (cow manure/ potting soil etc).
  • After backfilling, apply 2” of hardwood mulch around all new plants to help preserve moisture, limit weed growth and protect roots during the winter months.
  • Water thoroughly after mulch is applied using a mixture of root stimulator. Almost all new plantings will require 1 to 1 ½” of water per week. During dry periods be sure to thoroughly water all new plants one time per week (by “dry” we mean any 5-7 consecutive days with less than 1” of rain).



  • Before backfilling, gently remove all rope and twine from the root system and loosen the top portion of the burlap around the trunk.  (Do not remove burlap…it is intended to hold the root system together until the new roots develop.  After about a year, the burlap will completely decompose)
    For larger plants that have a wire basket, please do not remove. These are also designed to hold the root system together until the new roots begin to form and will not interfere with future development.