Container and Hanging Basket Care

Without a doubt, container gardening is one of the greatest ways to add color around our homes. Below are several tips you can use to keep your combination plantings looking great all season long.

  1. Water is key. Since container plantings and hanging baskets are above ground, their roots dry out much faster than if they were planted. Never, let your soil become “bone” dry. When your soil dries to the point of being almost dry, water THOROUGHLY. You know you watered correctly when some drains out the bottom of the pot. Plants are like people…they LOVE food. To encourage new growth and an abundance of blooms, we recommend that you use controlled release fertilizer (like Osmocoat) mixed in the soil when you initially plant. In addition, use water soluble plant food (like Miracle Grow) a minimum of once every 7-10 days.
  2. Many plants will benefit from a periodic trimming. While it may seem harsh, this is an excellent way to encourage new growth AND blooms. On average, you should trim your containers 2-3 times per season.
  3. Remove dead leaves and old blooms once a week to keep plants looking fresh.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY! If for any reason your plants get really dry and appear crispy…move to a shady location and water immediately. Many times, your plants will look much better in 8-10 hours. If this happens, it may be an ideal time to trim back your plant in an effort to encourage new growth and blooms.